The story behind The Puddle involves homemade cider, bolt cutters, and a friend who lost touch. If you think you have figured out the apparently complicated symbolism of the daffodil, collect 200 points. On the one hand, this site is supposed to be pure indulgent narcissism, a crude attempt to digitize my voracious ego. On the other, it is a genuine effort to clear a bit of a backlog of thoughts that tends to get in the way of every day life. Some might say that who you truly are can never be disclosed through your work. I'm hoping to get around that little technicality by not working too hard on this. The Puddle offers above mediocre copy on a (hopefully) daily basis, sometimes with pictures. Expect a seasonal menu.

While I have eschewed the traditional comment function common to many blogs, please feel free to direct any and all commentary to: m@thepuddle.ca.


Martin Conley-Wood