Possibility of abrupt re-entry.

This is the first, and hopefully most brief post for The Puddle. I'm not exactly sure of what it is or what it will become. On the one hand it is an exercise in developing some writing discipline, on the other, my own curmudgeonly shaken fist at the atrocious rampages of social media. I don't aspire to much. At best I hope to deliver a passing exploration of everything in particular, one that has had most of its pretension steeped from it like a re-used tea bag. There will be little in the way of organization, technological sophistication, apps or friend maps, blogrolls or rickrolls. There may come a point where a search function might be introduced, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Hopefully, this narcissistic enterprise will manage to entertain you for at least a glimmer of an instant as you flit about the shrinking confines of cyberspace. I ask for nothing but your harshest criticisms, and arrows if you've got 'em.