Rock of King

Rocking out at Moorside, Labouring on Labour Day

Now that the initial exertion of creating The Puddle has passed, I'm hoping to get into the habit of regular posting, and I appreciate the outpouring of feedback from across the globe demanding that I do just that.

This weekend past, I had the pleasure of hosting the drystone team from Port Hope, who were here to participate in an event at Mackenzie King's Estate in Gatineau Park. I tagged along for a couple of the days, bashing hearting and taking a stab at building with round stones. The walls at Moorside were little more than long rows of tumbled stone, which we tore apart and reformed from the ground up into the stately creation pictured below. It was great to get to play with stones some more, as I could already feel myself getting soft after a week of city living.

Nuit Blanche will be taking place on October 2nd in Toronto. It is an all night art festival from 7pm to 7am that transforms the downtown with all manner of installations and performances. The plan, a brainchild of Evan Oxland, is to construct a massive drystone bell in Trinity Bellwoods park. It should be a lot of fun, although it just occurred to me that a torrential downpour might complicate things slightly. If you are in the GTA on said weekend, be sure to come by.

School is starting, which means I guess I'll have to get back to cracking books instead of granite.