A Tale of Poor Lighting

This is a paltry entry. But it's been a busy day and I've places to go people to see etc... I am still learning how to use my new camera. It is a Nikon D3000, far beyond the technological sophistication that I am used to. I figured that the annual Butterfly Show at Carleton University would be a great place to put it (and me) through its paces. Unfortunately, my timing failed to account for last Friday's holiday and my friend and I found ourselves smack in the middle of a horde of unwashed urchins. They milled about at waist level, tearing at the plants in the greenhouse, frantically waving orange slices in the air, shrieking for recognition of any kind be it from the terrified butterflies or their doddering guardians.

Adding to this, it was an undeniably dreary day and I was nursing quite a hangover, so the pictures were rather unexceptional. The few that turned out are some of the most boring photos I've seen, included below for the sole purpose of illustrating my point. I didn't think it possible to take something as magical and awe inspiring as a splendid tropical butterfly and transform it into an image of bleak despair, but I suppose I can still surprise myself.

Stay tuned for a prolonged rumination on something of substance in the near future, maybe even tomorrow.