Vote Pumpkin

Zero Means Boo!

I thought I'd echo my earlier election commentary with one final jab at someone who will hopefully pass into comfortable obscurity faster than a pumpkin rots. Right now I should really be focusing on Plato, but I need a little break. It also seems fitting to note the passing of events of generally held import, such as Halloween. Having skipped the whole thing this year, I feel a bit like an outsider, an alien. Part of me could barely contain the urge to come up with an eleventh hour costume last night, to participate in this absurd deracinated spectacle for even a few hours, but common sense prevailed. Instead I am chowing down on an endless supply of leftover candy, eyeing the clock with resignation, and maybe just devoting an inkling of mental energy to next year's get up. I suppose the consolation prize could be to organize a celebration of Bonfire Night, which really should be the prerogative of any self-respecting loyalist. I'm not sure what the authorities would make of me parading a bearded effigy around the neighbourhood in a wheel barrow and then burning it in my backyard. Perhaps we'll have to wait and see.