Zombies Don't Cry

You Are What You Fight

A sad day it is when the benchmark for human survival, our perception of a serious threat, is manifest in our struggle to survive against heaps of slow moving lunch meat. The zombie apocalypse is bogus. It is as non-threatening to us as a wardrobe malfunction is to public decency. The fact that we make a big deal out of zombies speaks volumes of how we understand ourselves as a society.

Is this the defining enemy of our generation, in the way that Darth Vader was in the past? Is this some kind of equal struggle? Do we have such a low regard for our continued existence that we resign ourselves to such an absurd fate? It is impossible to portray the zombie apocalypse without a creeping moral undertone that the cataclysm is somehow deserved, somehow a product of our wicked ways. The dead are risen, after all.

I think it might be fair to venture that Augustine wrote the original script of the end of the world genre. Maybe somebody should try to bring back vampires again.